4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Fractional CEO to Grow Your Business

Fractional CEO
April 28, 2021

Many business owners envision their future and goals but don’t really know how to achieve them. They may feel too busy executing that they don’t have time to manage their businesses. So, hiring a fractional CEO may be just what you need!

Many may lack confidence in the decision-making process and can’t answer questions such as:

  • What is the secret to success in business?
  • Is there a recipe for:
    • Increasing profit?
    • Converting potential clients into sales?
    • Improving margins?
    • Achieving incredible results?
    • Sustaining growth?
  • How do I overcome fear and insecurity while leading my company?
  • How do I succeed during the pandemic?

In addition, with all the insecurities brought on by the rise of the pandemic, business owners now need to:

  • Use extra effort to deal with old and new challenges
  • Understand how the industries are changing
  • Learn how to adapt to the new reality

Businesses are extra cautious with their money right now, and for a good reason! All the uncertainty caused by the pandemic requires prudence and savings.

Many companies will need to completely realign their markets – or even go through an entire makeover – as a matter of survival.

If you’re asking yourself these questions, then hiring a fractional CEO may be just what you need to see your business grow.

  • How can you properly adapt your businesses to the new economic landscape?
  • How can you maximize your potential for full recovery without going over budget?

Keep reading to discover the reasons why you should hire a fractional CEO to grow your business.

1. Extensive Executive Experience, Expertise, and Adaptation

You’ve watched that original idea become a reality. But now that you’ve successfully built a business, your expectations are not being fulfilled. Your company may be just voiding of direction and vision. Or you don’t have enough experience.

In addition, the problems and uncertainties brought up during the pandemic could never have been predicted. And you don’t know where to turn to solve them.

In this case, the background of a fractional CEO may be the right solution. They can overcome critical challenges and get clarity on your path to recovery and real growth.

Fractional CEOs have an extensive understanding of corporate management and expertise as full-time executives. They’ve faced and overcome situations that many business owners haven’t experienced yet, setting direction and navigating major changes. And, most importantly, they have a great capacity for adaptation – a quality that is paramount in post-COVID reality.

Identifying what’s changed and the future trends are essential to building the right strategy for your COVID-19 recovery success. And that’s where a fractional CEO excels.

Because they are less biased and do not follow your company’s established way of doing things, they can provide the best, neutral insights to identify problems and potentially new opportunities. After recognizing this, they can create the right strategy and execution plan to take your company to where you want it to be.

2. Exceptional Results in a Fraction of Time

Considering all the economic losses from the last year and a half, now that we begin to see a positive turn during the pandemic, most companies long for urgent results.

They’ve been running in a rapid response mode to swim, other than drowning in the post-pandemic sea of uncertainties. The fresh perspective and the combination of skills, experience, vision, and advisory from a fractional CEO might be just what your company needs to get back on track.

Fractional CEOs seem to be a great opportunity for companies after such a long period of being stuck and overload, they offer:

  • Short-term stability
  • Economic viability
  • Professional excellence

By hiring a fractional CEO, they acquire instant talent and deep expertise without the long-term commitment and for a fraction of the price of a full-time executive.

Fractional CEOs understand they must deliver tangible results in much less time than their permanent colleagues would. As a result, they are focused, passionate and qualified to triage and identify your company’s:

  • Issues
  • Priorities
  • Goals

After this diagnosis of what is working and what is not, they create and execute the right strategy according to your goals. Their results speak for themselves.

3. Realized Cost-Benefit

Is your company large enough to afford a full-time senior-level employee? And even if you can afford it, a fractional CEO is easy to bring in without a long-term commitment.

And it’s very likely that for just a fraction of the salary, you can get a seasoned executive with:

  • An exceptional skillset
  • Expertise
  • Leadership abilities

They can take your company out of the COVID crisis and get the sustainable growth you have envisioned.

It’s also good to remember that it’s always wise to find forehanded alternatives without compromising professional excellence in times of economic uncertainty. And that’s your best benefit with a fractional CEO.

4. Unsurpassed Leadership Support

What if your main issue is a lack of confidence to make the decisions? Or, perhaps, to create the right strategy and execution plan for your business?

This is more common than we tend to believe in the corporate world. Especially true when facing an unprecedented crisis, such as the post-pandemic one.

Many business owners get frustrated for not reaching the fullest potential of their companies or original ideas. And it’s not always easy to find a reliable and qualified partner or professional business consultancy.

A fractional CEO is committed to helping companies:

  • Regain control over their businesses
  • Scale with confidence
  • Experience sustainable growth

Their expertise also brings precious insights to find opportunities in the middle of what seems to be an endless economic crisis. At Azul Corporate Advisory, another essential part of fractional CEO services is our transformational approach.

Our approach allows us to align our performance with the client. By creating real partnerships with mutual engagement, they share the risk and guarantee exceptional results.

Ready to Take Your Company to the Next Level?

Our founder at Azul Corporate Advisory, Mr. John Suvanto, offers his expertise and knowledge in our fractional CEO services.

We have over 25 years of experience in executive roles at companies in various industries and countries. Also, we have on-the-ground experience starting businesses of his own, John and Azul are deeply experienced guides through critical business transformations.

Our fractional CEO services at Azul Corporate Advisory will:

  • Provide your company with John’s strategical insights
  • Help your CEO make better decisions
  • Achieve better results
  • Become a better leader in business and life

Whether you want to grow your business, or you need a light to recover from the COVID crisis, or even a total makeover, we are ready to help you. Get a complimentary consultation today.


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